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Colum Sands

Colum Sands

The Note That Lingers On

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Colum Sands - The Note That Lingers On

Tom: Eb

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Intro: D  D  A  A  D  D 

  D       G      D               G             D 
I saw you by the river that goes flowing on forever 
             A        D                                A 
The blossoms from the apple tree were falling for your charms 
  D         G        D                 G                 D 
I looked at you, you looked at me, but those of us could barely see 
              A             D           A                   D 
But the river stood between us, and the slightest chance of harm 

      D       G        D                    G            D 
I was walking down the road that leads from August to September 
               A       D                                  A 
When I saw you picking berries with their colours on your hand 
         D        G      D                G                D 
Like the swallows on the rooftop you were making plans for winter 
              A      D                A                 D 
When I came a little closer, like the swallows you were gone 

D G D G D But do you know or don’t you, that I’ll be thinking of you A D A That I feel you’re right beside me, in the singing of the song D G D G D And we’ll sing it where the road goes round the corner to remember A D A D That the magic of the music’s in the note that lingers on
D G D G D There was ice upon the river and the city seems to shiver A D A Til I saw you in the marketplace that keeps the winter warm D G D G D You were selling herbs and spices and a drink of human kindness A D A D And a candle for the window that the darkness might be gone Repeat Chorus D G D G D When the ice begins to splinter and the spring is coaxing winter A D A And the taking of his racquet coat, our days are turning warm D G D G D With the seasons I’ll remember, that as June said to December A D A D Love and life is letting go, as much as holding on Repeat Chorus

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