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Glenn Tilbrook

Glenn Tilbrook

Best Of Times

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Glenn Tilbrook - Best Of Times

Tom: F

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F                                    C 
It was early in the morning you were laying on the floor 
    Gm            Bb 
The person that I love most dearly 
F                        C 
Our baby wasn't meant to come for six weeks more 
        Gm                  Bb 
But the best laid plans can go wrong clearly 
Eb                         Dm                        Gm 
I called the ambulance and offered you some tea, you laughed 
                                F                               C   
I'm trying to pack your bag and proving that I'm not the better half 

F                        C 
What you wanted was what I'd withheld for so long 
       Gm                Bb 
You supported me when my heart was broken 
F                            C 
Our differences resolved but something may be wrong 
        Gm                  Bb 
But the fear that haunts us is unspoken 
Eb                       Dm                         Gm 
Between the two of us we can appraise the facts and decide 
                             F                     C    
Was I a tower of strength or tagging along for the ride?  

F C Gm Bb 
F C Gm Bb 

Eb                    Dm 
Once upon a time some people 
Eb                            Dm 
Thought that we would soon be done 
Eb                     Dm                  C     C7 
Well I wish them and I hope they're having fun 

    F                                  C 
The next generation's waiting they are banging on the door 
Gm                   Bb 
Growing up is such a mountain to climb 
F                         C 
We've got two boys and my earlier two make four 
    Gm                   Bb 
And they'll all get a go in their own time 

When I disappear 
And old memories chime 
My love will be clear 
And our dreams aligned 
Eb                                 Dm                    F 
With everything we've been through we've had the best of times 

F                          C 
We've had the best of times 
F                          C 
We've had the best of times 
F                          C    F 
We've had the best of times 

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