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Sirius - Promise

Tom: Am


Am F This much I promise C You ain't gotta cry no more for me G I'm gonna make it easy for you Am F This much I promise C You ain't gotta deal no more with the guilt G I'll die before I let you kill me Am This much I promise
verse 1 Am Look, we made promises, honestly I don't know what happened F It seems that we came to a point we stopped laughing C You never see it coming, it's like a slap in the face G A cold shower, we must have tapped the breaks Am F And they say when a door close another one opens C I was running towards the first one trying to hold it Hopeless G I guess that I was too blind to notice Am Now I let you go knowing everything is OK F Knowing if you stayed it would probably give us more pain C I'd rather be lonely than make you smile again G I'd rather be lonely to feel alive again Am I remember when I told you I will never make you cry F And I can finally achieve it if I let you fly C So let me keep a promise, better late than never G Am I won't be the reason why you cry again ever Chorus verse 2 I hid the pictures of us in a box, there's dust on the frames And about as much to do as there's nothing to say I hope you're living life though, hell if I know You became a stranger from my past when I let go But I need you to know, I tried to make up For every mistake, you know it's not like I just gave up And I remember when you made me say that I would always be a part of your life Guess you forgot it, right? We've been growing apart for so long My last words ended up being a monologue I've been killing myself trying to analyze and understand I'm done letting you have the upper hand I'd rather be alone and make you happy If that's what it takes I'm walking away gladly I put us back in the box, close it and put it away I swear that'll be the last promise I make Chorus (2x)

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