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Yves Klein Blue

Yves Klein Blue

Gin Sling

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Yves Klein Blue - Gin Sling

Tom: A


Closer to death 

Been many miles since we last met 

E                            F#m      D            A 
Still, it seems like I stood still as time passed by 

That year my pride did sting 

'Cause for a young man, it's a terrible thing 

     E                    F#m          D            A 
To realise for the first time that his mother was right 

    Bm           F#m               D    A 
Oh this old gin sling will keep me satisfied 

             Bm             F#m             D          A 
Ah yeah, the cold air won't blow and I can close my eyes 

Ah she came to me 

Her eyes full of sorrow and empty of sleep 

    E                   F#m        D      A 
And asked how it seemed I'd been doing alright (and I laughed) 

It was a trick that she taught me 

I drink so that I sleep without having dreams 

     E                    F#m       D                 A 
And when I wake up in the morning, oh it is all I can do to survive 

   Bm            F#m           D     A 
Oh this old gin sling keeps me satisfied 

                Bm             F#m             D       A 
Though it hurts me more than I know and takes away my mind 

F#m                        D                    A             E 
Oh but the closer I get to home, fills me with dread just to know 

         F#m          D              A 
I'll be alone with a bottle on the shelf 

All right... 

A             Bm              E            F#m        D          A 

A             Bm              E            F#m        D          A  
                       But I put it down,   just as soon as I realised 

             D                 A           F#m 
Oh that the hard times, they don't get better 

      D                A         F#m 
When life goes in the shadows of memories 

F#m                    E 
The dark times make it hard to remember 

         D           A 
All the reasons the good times ended 

D                 A      F#m 
We remain where others cannot dwell 

      D                A              F#m 
It's not our place to fall where they fell 

F#m                             E                     A 
Do you really think that makes anyone happy but yourself? 

   Bm           F#m            D        A 
Oh this old gin sling left me high and dry 

            Bm           F#m         D       A 
So I put it back on the shelf for a little while 

          F#m           D                   A 
Ah but I still pull it down every now and again 

        E                 F#m            D        A 
Not to toast what's gone before, but to all that remains, yeah 

    F#m            D                  A                
Oh always lost in memory, never to forget 

        E              F#m          D        A 
Laying low with those ghosts is my only regret 

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