Brian and Jenn Johnson

Brian and Jenn Johnson

I've Found A Love
nível expert
E                            Esus  
When I call on Your name you answer  
     E                          Esus  
When I fall you are there by my side  
    E                   Esus  
You delivered me out of darkness  
      E                        Esus  
Now I stand in the hope of new life  

By grace I'm free  
you've rescued me  
now all I am is yours  

E I've found a love greater than life in itself A I've found a hope stronger and nothing compares C#m A I once was lost and now I'm alive in you E A You're my God and my firm foundation E A It is you whom I'll trust at all times E A I give glory and praise adoration E A to my savior whose seated on high

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