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Easyworld - Goodnight

Tom: B

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riff 1 

the specific notes hit is relatively loose just realise im trying to point out where to 
play the low and high strings differently 
here where the notes are very close together u "rake" the notes i.e. you strum the notes 
of the chord slower than a strum but faster than picking them individually 

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e----0---4----------------| B----0---5-----4h5p4------| G----1-1-6----6------6----| D-2--2-2-6---6---------6\-| A-2----2-4--4-------------| E-0-----------------------| riff 2 e---------------| B-4h5-5-4-4-4h5-| G---------------| D---------------| A---------------| E---------------| riff 3 e----------------------| B-5/7--7-7-7h9---9---9-| G--------------9---9---| D----------------------| A----------------------| E----------------------| riff 4 e-4--4h5--5-5-4--4h5--5-5-4--4h5--5-5-5/7--7-4-4\-| B-------------------------------------------------| G-------------------------------------------------| D-------------------------------------------------| A-------------------------------------------------| E-------------------------------------------------|
Intro riff 1 x4 verse 1 riff 1 goodnight my friends riff 1 i’m glad you’ve come around riff 1 you’ve been so down riff 1 the joy of seeing you smile riff 3 B A so wide, it don’t mean anything riffs 1+2 x2 with (you have to bear in mind this is layered guitar parts) riffs 1+2 these broken shoes riffs 1+2 have done some walking and riffs 1+2 though all these holes riffs 1+2 you touch the ground and it feels riff 3 B A like home, it don’t mean anything riffs 1+2 x2 Chorus Dsus2 A E don’t look and you wont find Dsus2 A E it’s always worth your time Dsus2 A E B i love you and goodnight A goodnight riff 1 x4 with riff 4 over the top of it verse 2 same as verse 1 i said this hurt wont last forever and this time I’m right so you turn to me and you smile so wide, it don’t mean anything this lucky day its been a long time coming and all that we’ve done wont be forgotten goodnight goodnight Repeat Chorus End Section as odd as it may sound, and differently to what is played live there is very little guitar in this part other than bits of feedback and some open strings and possibly a repeated guitar layer that i shall tab as a maybe this bit shall be quite broken up and youll have to work the timings out yrself. i cant tab feedback :p when more instruments come in the chords implied are: Emin C D B xlots occassionally near the start B-0- when the guitar "part" kicks in e-0- repeated and repeated and repeated B-0- possible part
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e----------------| B----------------| G-14-16-12-14-11-|
repeated towards the end but plays then stops the plays
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D----------------| A-12-14-10-12-9--| E----------------|
Very End B (heavily hit)
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e------0-------------0-| B------0-------------0-| G------4-------------6-| D-4-6--5-------------7-| A-4-6--5-------------7-| E-2-4--0-------------0-|
play back this tape i swear youll see E G#m i only wanted you to be with me A Bsus4 ill kill the last romantic B and come back for me End on (actually on piano) E-0- B-0- G-4- D-4- A-2- E-0-

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